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Anna Kmiec

Hi there, I’m Anna.


I’m a Will Writer and Estate Planner who is passionate about protecting clients and their loved ones. I provide friendly and professional advice to individuals and couples looking to get their financial and legal affairs in order.


Whether you need to protect vulnerable beneficiaries, appoint guardians for your children should the worst happen or minimise the amount of inheritance tax your loved ones will pay, I can help. 


With a comprehensive, in-person and on-line service, I provide excellence without exception in Will drafting, the formation of Trusts and Lasting Power of Attorney.


To find out more about how I can help you, get in touch.

Our Services

Our Services

Taking into account your specific circumstances, we assist you in preparing legal documents like Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Prepaid Funeral Plans, and Trusts.


A will can make a hard time for your loved ones easier.

The document will spell out where your property goes and help in easing their burdens.


Set up trust for your family to protect your gifts.

Find out what a trust is, when you can use one and why you would want to.

Lasting Power of Attorney

There may come a day where you will have making big decisions becomes too much.

Ease the burden by getting an LPA, have someone you trust help you.

Funeral Plans

Funeral plans are an incredibly useful way to manage your wishes and the costs of the future. They take into account rising prices and see to it that ease is at the forefront of a difficult time.

Landlord Planning

We can help landlords to restructure their property portfolio into a tax-efficient Limited Company, which can also enable them to claim mortgage interest as an expense.

Document Storage

We offer Will storage service in partnership with National Will Safe.

It is a complete document storage solution that solves all of the problems of  protecting important legal documents, for a small annual fee.

Mountains in Clouds


Anna represented us in a very professional manner, explained everything so clearly, was very patient and understood our needs.
We are impressed with the efficient service Anna has provided from start to completion. I will certainly recommend Anna to others for expert advice on Wills.
Thank you for your advice, support and thanks for sorting everything thing out for us😊


Wills! not the sort of topic you wish to discuss but it is needed 100%.
Anna made the whole process easy and her knowledge was outstanding. I had so many questions which she explained over and over until i understood, no question was stupid to her.
I now feel happy that everything is sorted and made easy for my children and husband if I was to pass.
Thanks Anna x

​                                                       Leah

Did you know?

61 % of British adults do not have a Will. This equates to 30 million people.


Ready to find out more?

We will take you step-by-step through difficult choices which could prove to be invaluable to your loved ones. Do what you can to ease your family's time of need today.

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