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Funeral Plans

A funeral plan is an easy way to pay for and manage your funeral before you die. Making one will help bring peace of mind to you and your loved ones that arrangements and costs are sorted out and that your final wishes are being taken care of. It will take a massive burden off of your family during a stressful time.

Why should you get a plan now?

The cost of funerals is rising - and fast.

Whilst in 2007 the average funeral cost around £1,700. Today they are about £4,000, and prices are still on the rise. 

You get a say in how you say good-bye

There are parts of your funeral which you may want to see before you pass. For example, which music is to be played, charitable donations, or readings to be carried out. 

A funeral plan means your wishes will be carried out. The flexibility that we offer means that your plan can simply be a mode of payment or an organisational avenue. It is your choice. 

It saves your loved ones from financial stress

If you don’t have a funeral plan, your funeral will come from your estate. However, it usually takes months for your family to receive their share so they will have to pay for the event out of their own pocket. This could potentially be substantially more than £4000 in a few years. However, a funeral plan could alleviate this burden from your family at an already painful time. 

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Your family get to inherit more

Buying a funeral plan now means the costs won’t be taken out of your estate at a later date. This will leave more inheritance for your loved ones, a token they’ll definitely appreciate.

Why purchase funeral plan over insurance?

The main advantage of going for a funeral plan over insurance is that you know you know for certain your funeral will be taken care of. A fixed payout insurance policy will not keep in line with inflation. So, when the time comes and your funeral needs to be paid for, the money the insurance company gives your family will likely not be enough.  This will lead to unplanned expenses for your loved ones, piling on undue stress.

With a pre-paid funeral plan, you can make sure you are taking care of everything at a good price with little stress. 

How does a funeral plan work?

First, you purchase the plan - we have a range of different options to choose from. Your money goes into a trust fund. This will mean over time the money will grow in value, ensuring that your full funeral is paid for no matter the cost. 

Then, we will nominate a local funeral director, one of repute. If you have a preference on this matter you can always let us know. After this, you can provide us with as many or as few details about the organisation of your funeral as you wish. And lastly, when you pass away a family member will need to make a single call and we will let the funeral director know who will begin making the final arrangements.

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