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Steps toward making a will

Step one: List all your debts (if you have any) and your assets.

Step two: Decide who you would like to leave your assets to.

Step three: If you can name a beneficiary, for example, in a life insurance policy, or pension, you should contact the provider and do that immediately.

Step four: Make a list of your personal effects (such as jewellery, or furniture, for example) and who you would like to leave them to.

Step five: Decide who you will nominate to act as guardians for any children under the age of 18, and any other or adult dependents.

Step six: Contact a will writer or lawyer and arrange a consultation. As part of our transparent fee structure, this is included in the cost of the will.

Step seven: After you have approved your will, and it has been validly executed, you should arrange for it to be properly stored. You should also be provided with copies of the executed will for your own records.

Step eight: You should inform the executor (the person who legally fulfills your will’s wishes and obligations) of the will’s location. It is a good idea to let the executor know you have named them as such; you may even decide to give them a copy of the will.

Step nine: Make a note in your calendar to briefly review your will to see if you need to make any changes.

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